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8 reasons why businesses fail

No one plans to make mistakes. Some take us so completely by surprise because we were sure we were doing everything right.

Other times, we hear that little voice of our better judgment warning us when we know better. The warnings are easy to ignore when trouble seems far off, and maybe it won’t come at all.

Every business owner who’s had the misfortune of going under either knew they were doing something wrong and didn’t –or couldn’t –take action, or they had no idea anything was even amiss.

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How to Navigate CRA

This webinar tells you all about navigating through CRA system, and what to look out for. We discuss pitfalls, and what to do if you think you are getting into trouble.

We also talk about the process for trust exams and audits.



Preparing for Your Accountant

Are you a small business that is trying to get ready for your accountant?  Whether you are a sole proprietor, or an incorporated company, this webinar is a must see for those that are doing their business year end.

As a tax preparer myself, I see first hand what happens when you don't have the right paperwork in place!


Payroll (T4) vs Dividends (T5)

Many business owners are proud to say they take dividends from their company.  But is this the right way?  Are you missing out on financial benefits you didn’t know you could have had?

Find out the different ways to take your money out of your company and how it is affecting you in the background.


Writing off your vehicle

Your vehicle is one of your best assets as a write off for your business.  It's a fact, though, that very few business owners know how to use this write off to their advantage.

In this webinar, we will explore the two ways a vehicle gets written off, and how it benefits you. We will also discuss the "how" you can record your kilometers without all the hassle of pen and paper every time you travel.


How to be your own bookkeeper

If you are looking to do your own bookkeeping, this webinar is the MUST SEE for you!

We will walk you through what you need to know, and how to get good education on the points you might be missing.

We will also cover the accounting software options and technology available...both pros and cons of each!


Top 10 questions newbies ask

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