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Limited spots available, 10 max per class, only - 6 - spots left.

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If you are as busy as many business owners, you want the material quickly!

E-School Live gives you the facts that you need quickly

and makes it pertinent to your situation!


“You did it!”

You took the plunge and decided to follow your business dream. You’re an entrepreneur. Owner of your own little shop on the corner, a cozy office space you’ll undoubtedly expand one day, or a work from home solopreneur.
Whatever your business may be, the challenge is the same: you need to get from good to great, and from great to amazing. Preferably, retirement-is-going-to-be-the-bomb amazing.

So, let’s see what I can do to get you there

I’m Lynn Webb, and it’s great to see you here!
I’m an Entrepreneur, author, teacher, and Certified Professional Bookkeeper with more than ten years experience. I teach University business students and have coached other solopreneurs toward success. Because I’ve built a successful bookkeeping firm from the ground up, I know firsthand how it is to sit in the boss’ chair. 


“Business isn't set up for success”

Ugh.  As much as I hate to admit it, businesses are not automatically setup for success.  Reality is that (at most) 10 minutes, $400, and a trip to registries is all you need to be "in business".

Lessons get learned the hard way.  It drives me CRAZY when business owners get dealt a bad hand, with a lack of good resources, and confusing tax bills. 

After all, small business is the core of our economy. Shouldn't there be better resources out there?

“You can't claim nobody told you”

Nobody teaches us anything about “being in business”. 

CRA does not call you up to warn that you will owe thousands of dollars in GST and taxes. 

Your lawyer will not call you up to tell you that you missed some critical pieces in your business. 

Your accountant will not tell me to recalculate your base costs, and nor did might he tell you that you are missing some critical write offs that could make your situation easier. 

Your staff will not protest that they are paid too much.

Your customers will not tell you that your “free service” was discounting how they viewed you or that your rates are too low.

You’re willing to work hard, and you believe in your vision

They say an artist suffers for their work. The same is true for most entrepreneurs. Only a handful of us start making crazy money overnight – or so it seems! The majority of us don’t have that kind of…luck? Genius? Magic power? (It sure feels like one of the three!) 

The "live" version of E-School takes you deep into these topics right away...with answers that make it pertinent to your business. 

It isn't magic power, but it might feel like it.

  • Making sure your business is the right "type"
  • Ensuring you have the fundamentals in place
  • Knowing what you need to know about Canada Revenue Agency right now
  • Looking at business structure issues, and figure out where to find efficiency
  • How to understand how much tax that you will pay, and how to prepare for it
  • How to figure out the Canada Revenue Agency and their jargon
  • How to start payroll, and subcontractors vs. employees
  • Easily reading financial statements (profit & loss and balance sheets)
  • How to pay yourself, and the consequences of the different types of payments

Sound good to you?”

In addition to my course (with a more traditional video-based lessons format), there’s a new live and online version. It’s like the regular version, but with more, well, liveliness!


Here’s what it means:
  • The live and online version goes deeper than the course
  • The live version attacks the "real" conflicts like, overwhelm, uncertainty about where to start, embarrassment of not knowing the answers
  • It also gives you the chance to share where you’re at, so you can receive more customized support, training and information
  • Class sizes are small!  10 people or less, ensuring individualized attention
  • I try to match up similar industries, so that the questions are pertinent to you
  • A Facebook group for community support from other entrepreneurs and professionals for asking questions, sharing tips, and more


You’ve got a business to run – or for those just starting out, to build. The live version is designed with this in mind.

I’m ready when you are!

One year from now, you will wish you had started today.

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