5 Things Your Tax Preparer Knows that You Don’t

taxes May 28, 2018

For better or worse, we humans are adept at making assumptions and trusting others, including when it comes to our tax preparer.

On a daily basis, we not only interact with dozens of other people doing their jobs, but we rely on the job they do.

We automatically assume that when others perform a service for us, be it checking the transmission or cooking up our restaurant order, those things are being done properly.

Only when the mistakes are obvious do we question it, and this is often due to...

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Essential Qualities of a Business Bookkeeper


In the course of our hectic lives, we rarely have time to register this one question as we interact with countless people performing a job or service for us: how qualified are they?

We assume the cook at the restaurant washed his hands properly, the taxi driver knows where he’s going, that our to-go order is perfect as we grab the bag.

We need to put some things at the back of our minds, even when those little concerns cross our minds, because if we thought about them nonstop,...

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Bookkeeping Technology: Making Your Right Choice

bookkeeping taxes May 14, 2018


Disclaimer: Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

The opinions expressed herein are just my own. These are based on my experience running a bookkeeping firm with hundreds of clients over the course of ten years. No two accounting professionals are alike; we all work with different methods and systems, and it is not my intention to discredit or throw shade on anyone else or any technology they prefer to use.
This is merely a starting point for entrepreneurs to gain...

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10 Challenges of Starting Out in Business (Part 2 of 2)

entrepreneur tax tips May 07, 2018


Last week on the blog, I shared part one of my list of the top ten challenges.

Let’s continue with the rest of the list!

Once again, these are my opinions and certainly not the only challenges new business owners face, and the list is in no particular order.


5: No time to get anything done.

Three big ways this can manifest:

You’ve taken on too much because there’s no one else, or you don’t trust anyone else to do it right.

You’re still working for...

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10 Challenges of Starting Out in Business (Part 1 of 2)

entrepreneur tax tips Apr 30, 2018


All businesses grow from an idea. Like a seed, they need nurturing, the right conditions, and persistence to blossom.

A lot can happen in the early stages that make us lose sight of the passion that drove us to act on the idea in the first place.

It takes courage to stay the course, and the process can become overwhelming, even exhausting.

Here are my top ten challenges of starting out in business. (Note: this is a 2-part blog with the top five coming next week!)

I’m sure you can...

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How to Properly Write Off Your Vehicle


Sometimes in business, your only option is to guess.

When a decision must be made right now with limited information.

Or when you’re trying out a new marketing technique.

We suppose, figure, approximate on a daily basis.


When it comes to your kilometers, however, guessing is not in your best interest.

(I will estimate about how many of my business bookkeeping clients guessed about their kilometers at tax time, though – about 90% of them.)

The problem with guessing...

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How Not Paying Taxes Affect the Dream Home Purchase

taxes tips write offs Apr 16, 2018


A common dream of many entrepreneurs is one day buying their dream home.

A status symbol for some, it’s the manifestation of years of hard work, determination and success.

Others just want a little corner of the world to call their own.

At last, you feel you’re there.


Off you go to your financial institution about that home loan.


They ask to see the financial records for the last two years, to ensure you’re making money and that you have ongoing...

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8 Things To Do in the First Year of Business

entrepreneur taxes tips Apr 09, 2018


You’re welcome.

I say that because everything on this list I learned the hard way during my first year in business.

Not every lesson came hard, mind you; I ran my own bookkeeping business after all, so I came equipped with a lot of the tax know-how.

Nonetheless, when you’re running a business, you’re hard at work everyday.

Often times, we only learn when we encounter a situation that makes us realize we don’t know the thing we need to know.


This list is...

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5 Mistakes Business Owners Make Before Filing Their Taxes

bookkeeping taxes tips Apr 02, 2018


It’s a lesson that every business owner has to learn.

 For some, it comes after the first year in business when the realize they weren’t prepared, or after a few years of struggling to stay afloat.

 For others, it’s something they take time to learn early on, and these entrepreneurs have a much higher shot at success.


It's the relationship you have with your books.

It’s a little like when your kids go out to play in the yard.

Even though...

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Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Taxes When You Owe the CRA

canada revenue debt taxes Mar 26, 2018


Owing the CRA happens when you’re in business. No brainer, right?

It is, once you learn that this is how the system works.

For new, inexperienced solopreneurs in particular – such as those with home-based side businesses- it can be a shakeup to realize that you don’t pay taxes like you used to.

 There’s no employer to deduct tax for you.


Moreover, if you haven’t tracked your expenses properly all year, the tax bill could be shocking.


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